The best area for fishing in Cancun all year round

Cancun fishing is not only for the experienced fisherman, a great charter company will take you to the best area for fishing in Cancun all year round.

When you pay for a private fishing charter in Cancun you want to know you’re getting the best.

Where is the best fishing spot in Cancun?

Fishing in the Mexican Caribbean is a great opportunity for beginners or the avid fisherman. But you need to know where to go. Sportfishing in Cancun has been enjoyed by many tourists for years and the fishing site ‘Arrowsmith’ is a common ground for this activity.

Arrowsmith fishing site in Cancun

Located 25 miles offshore to the East of the Cancun hotel zone. This area is home to certain species of fish all year round so a successful fishing trip is almost guaranteed. Private and shared fishing charters are available in Cancun but if you really want to go for the big one then private is the way to go. A 6 or 8 hour private fishing tour in Cancun will allow you to go that extra mile to catch the big fish.

Common species found during your Cancun Fishing trip.

All year round you will be able to find: Bonito, Rainbow Runner, Mutton Snapper, Barracuda, Jack Crevalle, Horse-eye Jack, Black Grouper, Strawberry Grouper and Queen Trigger Fish.
Catch and release is practiced in this area but some fish may be caught for eating. There are a few local delicacies which are traditional Mexican dishes such as Tikin-xic.
Aquaworld’s fishing trips provide fast boats, top notch equipment using light, medium and heavy tackle. Aquaworld specializes in fishing and we have provided services for local tournament winners.
We fish with live bait but also provide a mix of dead and artificial bait to ensure the fish come to bite.