The Best Beginner Fishing Guide

As part of this fishing guide for beginners, we will present you the most important tips to get started in this activity that will allow you to get in touch with nature.

One of the favorite activities for tourists in the area of ​​the Mexican Caribbean is fishing. You only need a little practice, some prior knowledge and some equipment, always depending on what you want to fish. The best thing is that there is no age or physical condition essential to start the art of fishing.

Fishing with float

It is recommended that you know what species of fish you can find in the region where you are going to fish. Once you have chosen the place where you will fish, verified that they have the right equipment and you know what your goal is, then you are ready to enter the world of fishing.

A basic equipment, in float fishing that may be the most convenient to start, consists of a Rod, a fishing line, a hook, a reel, a sinker, a bait and a float.

The float keeps the bait in the water and can be left alone until a fish swims in the area. It can also be moved with the reel of the rod or left adrift of the current of the place. Fish are often attracted to places that provide them with food and shelter.

Given this, it is essential to look for a place with a sudden change in depth or other modification in the bottom structure itself, such as a tree or a pier.

Other details of the fishing guide for beginners

Another of the ‘fishing tips‘important to know is that fish tend to feed at twilight, making at dawn and dusk, the most effective times for fishing. The bait you are going to use is also important. Although stores today offer a wide variety of synthetic baits that tend to be similar to live baits, fish feed on insects and aquatic organisms.

This makes the variety of baits wide, from the traditional worm, through grasshoppers, shrimp, liver and even bacon.

Another detail to keep in mind when you start fishing for beginners is not to apply sunscreen before putting the bait on your line, since that smell repels the fish.There are many places with regulations regarding fishing, and in some countries they may differ from one region to another. Make sure to check the fishing restrictions of the place and thus avoid fines that are usually very high today.

The best fishing tours for beginners

Aquaworld offers you, within its range of possibilities, a fishing tour custom in Cancun. This private package will allow you to enjoy 4 hours of fishing in the Caribbean Sea. This tour is designed for light fishing. However, we have options available for deep sea fish that include a tour between 6 and 12 hours. It is also possible to share the boat with another group of fishermen so that your money can be paid much more.