The best tours in Cancun and its surroundings

If you visit the city you have to do some tours in Cancun to be able to enjoy and get to know this place, swim with the fish and get to know the Mayan ruins.

Cancun is known for being one of the most beautiful places in all of Mexico, it has a great variety of attractions as well as an immense variety of activities so that its visitors can do and enjoy their time here to the fullest.

There are many tours in Cancun that you can take, although you can also explore the Riviera Maya more thoroughly, places like Playa del Carmen, Tulum or visit the islands of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres so you can feel all the good Caribbean vibes.

Tours in Cancun are the best way to get to know this heavenly place and explore the ancient Mayan temples and swim in the sacred waters of a cenote.

You have to do a couple of tours in Cancun before you go to explore the Riviera, these are just a few that we recommend:

Boat trip around Cancun

This tour is perfect to enjoy the scenery and contemplate the sunset and the colors of the Nichupté Lagoon while having a drink or spending a romantic moment with your partner.

The Cancun Queen is the introduction to this beautiful place.

Snorkeling or diving at MUSA

In Cancun an Underwater Museum of contemporary art called MUSE where sculptures by different artists are exhibited, the most surprising thing about this is that nature is already part of these sculptures giving them life, the place where art becomes natural.

This is the Cancun tour perfect for those who are a fan of underwater life, as corals grow in this artificial reef and marine life is reproduced among more than 500 sculptures.

Activities on the water

The jungle tour is one of the most famous tours in Cancun and to be honest it is not a surprise as it has it all. It consists of a ride in the lagoon aboard a speedboat and at the end you arrive at one of the largest reefs in Mexico, where you can snorkel or enjoy the sun on the platform while enjoying a drink.

The tour in Cancun called Aquatwister is for those who love adrenaline, as it consists of a ride on a speedboat that goes at full speed and then brakes, takes a quick turn and accelerates again.

The ride lasts 30 minutes and if you like speed you can’t miss it.

The Flybord is a recent invention but very fun since you can propel yourself over the water and dive quickly into the water, it certainly requires a lot of skill and if you have never done this activity be sure that the instructors will advise you well.

Activities near Cancun

Once you have done these activities you can take an excursion to Isla Mujeres and enjoy its fabulous beaches, snorkel or explore its places, where you will be your own guide.

You can go visit the ruins of Tulum or go into a cenote on the Riviera and practice snorkeling in its sweet waters and contemplate the beauty of the stalagmites and stalactites.

Dare to get to Holbox, so you can swim with the whale shark, one of the most fascinating and largest fish in the world, you can also enjoy the local cuisine or take a kayak ride through the mangroves.

If you are a diving fanatic then you have to get to the island of Cozumel starting from Playa del Carmen, here you can find great places to practice your dives and learn more about life and enjoy its beauty.

There are many tours in Cancun and its surroundings, and it is very good to take advantage of them to get to know and pamper us on our vacations, so enjoy your time in the Riviera Maya and have a happy stay.