The cenotes in Tulum only for adventure lovers

The cenotes in Tulum are for free, daring and adventurous spirits who cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful natural paradise.

More than archaeological ruins and beautiful beaches, discover the cenotes in Tulum to enter an unforgettable adventure that you will surely want to repeat.

Tulum is known as the place where great history and beautiful natural beauty converge, it has some of the best beaches in the entire Riviera Maya.

Tulum is well known for having the only archaeological zone that is on the shores of the sea.The ruins of Tulum are from a walled Mayan city, the ancient residents called it Zamá which in Mayan means sunrise, its current name comes from the Mayan and means It is the main attraction of Tulum in addition to beautiful Caribbean beaches.Although you can find other natural wonders such as cenotes in Tulum, you just have to venture a little further into the jungle to discover them.

Inside the cenotes in Tulum you can find more than 500 marine species, very surprising and colorful flora and fauna that you will love.

The cenotes in Tulum have their crystalline waters in which you can see long distances and that invite you to immerse yourself inside and explore its deepest secrets.

The two favorite activities to practice in the cenotes in Tulum are the snorkeling and divingIf you decide to snorkel it is convenient that you choose to go to acenote old, open or semi open since this is where the sun’s rays come in, helping you a lot with visibility.Diving in the cenotes in Tulum is for experienced divers since although they are usually very calm waters, there may be spaces where it is difficult to get around.

Cenote Nicte-Ha

This cenote is unique, an open cenote that is just a few kilometers from the city of Tulum, it is perfect for swimming, since its waters are very warm and fresh.

The sunlight that can enter helps aquatic plants to grow and that helps to populate this beautiful place with fish.

That is why this cenote in Tulum is ideal for snorkeling since this way you can contemplate all the aquatic life that inhabits this beautiful place.

The depth is not great, but if you are not an expert swimming it is better that you wear a life jacket all the time.

In addition, this cenote in Tulum has a part that is still covered by the cavern, so you can go inside to get an idea of ​​what the closed and semi-open cenotes are like.

Cenote dos ojos

This is one of the most famous cenote in the entire Mayan Riviera, it was given this name because they are two connected cenotes drawn from an underground river, from the sky and between the jungle the two centones look like Dos Ojos.

Divers prefer to visit this cenote due to the clarity of its waters, as well as its great beauty due to its formation with stalagmites and stalactites.

It has the third longest underground river in the world at just over 8 kilometers, although it has yet to be fully explored.

It is important that when you explore this cenote you are accompanied by experts and professionals who already know the route.

Decide what activity you want to do in the cenotes in Tulum but knowing these beautiful works of nature is an experience that you cannot miss in life.