The Current, the documentary that you cannot miss

The Current is a documentary made in the most beautiful and exotic settings of Cozumel in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean, the idea of ​​the documentary is to present that the sea has more power than you think.

The documentary The Current presents the life of three different characters, the first is the love that is given towards life, the second the power and strength of their spirits and the third is the healing power of the sea.

The central axis of the documentary The Current is to tell the story of three real-life heroes. We have the American athlete David Hosick, who after an accident in a rugby game was paralyzed from his chest area. There is also the former North American Marin Jesse Murphee, who is the holder of the purple medal of merit obtained in Afghanistan and who has lost both legs and finally there is the Mexican diver Leo Morales, who after suffering for many years from cancer reached the disarticulation in the right leg.

Experienced team

Directed by Kurt Miller, the documentary The Current promotes the therapeutic power in the sea, was narrated by actor Robert Redford and French producer Jean-Michael Cousteau, son of renowned sailor Jacques Cousteau. The film that was shot on the island of Cozumel, in front of the Yucatan peninsula and other locations in the region, was sponsored by the organization “Make a Hero”, which aims to highlight all kinds of feats achieved by men and women with physical disabilities.
Cousteau highlighted in the presentation of the documentary The Current ‘I firmly believe that through this topic it will attract a lot of attention from people who had not even thought about the importance of the sea’. In addition, the son of the famous explorer commented “I am excited and ecstatic to be a part of The Current. ‘Defying all odds and striving to overcome all challenges, these are deep aspirations that I hope viewers will take to heart as they watch this film.’

The Current, promoted globally

The documentary The Current also shows the benefits that exist both on land and in the sea within the Cozumel area. You can see the unique underwater landscapes of the Great Mayan Reef, which passes between Cozumel and the territory of Quintana Roo, showing the different options that the region offers for those who are lovers of the diving, or they want to start enjoying that unique experience: ‘The sea has incredible power to restore, to recover and to give life’. I started training, and the sea gave me life. I went to the sea to take therapy and there I realized that I could do more things at sea than on land, ‘said Leo Morales, one of the protagonists of the film.

What happened during the filming of the documentary The Current?

All this movement made it possible for the world’s gaze to be placed on the Cozumel area. In addition, the documentary The Current allowed the tourist promotion of this island, showing its peculiar and exuberant attractions worldwide, as well as showing the impressive marine life found in the island. reef barrier Discovered by Jacques Cousteau. The film presented the island of Cozumel as a sustainable tourist destination, from the ecological face, showing respect for its marine beauties in order to preserve them intact.