The extraordinary underworld of the Subaquatic Art Museum MUSA

The Underwater Museum of Art is located in the Mexican Caribbean, but its importance goes beyond the visual and tourist appeal. The idea of creating this underwater treasure in Cancun arises after the damage that reefs have suffered by the impact of the human activity and the threatens that hurricanes represent to the marine life.

The incredible sculptures that the artist Jason de Caires Taylor created in 2009 gather a total of 500 pieces submerged permanently; recently a new series of statues joined the museum. With the passage of time, these pieces have become the refuge of marine species since they are made of a special marine concrete which facilitates the creation of corals on its surface. The Museum occupies an area of 420 square meters and the total sculptures weighing 200 tons.

This museum is living proof that art and science can coexist to preserve nature and will be a great practice to generate corals that have already disappeared in other sea areas. The sculptures have become home to species such as sea urchins, angel fishes, lobsters, and turtles. The marine concrete is long-lasting and helps balance the PH of the sea, to create life.

MUSA is an innovative project designed to counteract the effects of climate change on the oceans and reef systems. This museum is a work in progress and is located off the coast of Isla Mujeres. Some of the artists that have participated in this project are Karen Salinas, Rodrigo Quiñones, and Salvador Quiroz. The museum consists of 12 galleries containing about 1,364 artificial habitats. The Museum is divided into two galleries called Nizuc and Manchones. The first has eight meters depth and four meters depth and it is only suitable for diving and practice snorkel; the second allows you to practice only snorkel.

The Museum has more than 400 original sculptures; many are human figures, making the sea floor looks like a wonderful lost world wonderful and creepy at the same time, with their frozen inhabitants in time and space. The museum is formed by 4 installations: ‘The gardener of hope’, ‘The dream collector ‘, ‘Man on fire’ and ‘The silent evolution’ mainly.

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