The Most Romantic Tours in Cancun for Couples

Cancun is the perfect place to travel with your loved one, and AquaWorld has the most romantic tours for all you couples looking to feel like you’re still on a honeymoon.

Either you’re planning your honeymoon or just a relaxing couple vacation, Cancun is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico. Resting by the beach, swimming in an infinity of pools, going shopping in the Luxury Avenue, clubbing or snorkeling are only some of the best things to do here.

Although all of AquaWorld’s tours are fun, exciting and hard to miss, there are many others that are absolutely ideal for couples. From snorkeling excursions to romantic boat rides, these tours are memorable experiences for those looking to create unforgettable memories.

Jungle Tour in Cancun

The most popular boat on the Jungle Tour is the ‘Side by Side,’ which has two seats for exploring the Cancun mangroves in great company.

The Jungle Tour is perfect for couples. The two-seat speedboat is a perfect way to enjoy an afternoon. Ride through the waters and enjoy many thrills and scenic attractions as you speed your way through the mangroves. Feel the breeze whip through your hair and the water splash onto your skin.

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Skyrider, Parasailing is better together

Also, you can have a relaxing parasailing adventure with the Skyrider. This option allows you to watch the scenic views of Cancun from above as you fly with your partner. This is a great experience for couples looking to get away and enjoy a great day above the waters of Cancun.

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Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA)

With over 470 underwater statues, and with the goal of creating an artificial reef to relief stress from the natural reefs, MUSA makes an incredible landscape. As the years go by, the sculptures develop algae and corals that become the home of all kinds of species. For example turtles, rays, fish and crustaceans.

You can discover this surreal place with your partner either snorkeling or diving. Both choices are two of the most romantic tours for couples in Cancun.

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BOB Adventure

With this incredible activity you’ll have a unique experience to share with your loved one. Exploring the Chitales Reef on board of an underwater scooter called BOB (Breathing Observation Bubble). Once in Chitales you’ll have 30 minutes to drive the scooter and 30 minutes to snorkel. Double the fun!

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Rent the Luxury Yacht Sandra Marie

There’s no better way to conclude a week of fun than with a luxurious afternoon on board of the 5-stars Luxury Yatch Sandra Marie. There you’ll be able to live a romantic and unforgettable midday as you sun bathe and sail the calm and turquoise waters of Cancun.

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