The silent evolution at the Underwater Museum of Art

Silent Evolution has been the creation of Jason de Caires Taylor since 2009. It is a beautiful work of art found at a depth of between 3 and 10 meters under the Caribbean Sea.

His sculptures are life-size and were carved in waterproof materials in order to host the marine flora and fauna of the region.

The sculptures were inspired by local characters or famous visitors to the region, and have been installed in order to attract tourists and at the same time give the great barrier reef time to regenerate.

Called The Silent Evolution, this work by Jason de Caires Taylor promotes coral growth and is a refuge for tiny fish.

The British artist, in this kind of synthesis of art and science, hopes to get a rest for the reefs and that they can have a recovery, since the alarming data on the marine life of natural corals offered the stimulus to work in these artificial colonies.

A tour into the wonderful world of MUSE

The MUSA is located in the Isla Mujeres area, in what corresponds to the Manchones reef. There is located the sculpture entitled The Silent Evolution, the creation of Jason de Caires Taylor. The museum is divided into two large galleries, one is the Manchones room that contains Taylor’s work, and the Nizuc room. They can be visited for diving, snorkeling or with glass bottom craft.

The Silent Evolution is a monumental work. It is a set of approximately 400 sculptures made in plaster and cement, which constitute the work with which the Underwater Museum of Art. The sculptures were modeled in a workshop located in Cancun.

After the sculptures had been cast, they were transported by boat and then carefully submerged. All MUSA works are located in shallow areas so that they can be admired by tourists who carry out diving or snorkel.

Aquaworld offers the possibility to visit this 420 square meter facility with different tours. These visits cover the entire region covered by this work and take a different experience from the depths of the Caribbean Sea.

Jason de Caires Taylor, The Silent Evolution Artist

Son of an English father and a Guyanese mother, Jason de Caires Taylor was born in 1974 and divided his childhood between Europe and Asia. After studying at the London Institute of the Arts, he became a diving instructor and underwater naturalist.

Taylor founded the world’s first underwater sculpture park in 2006. It took place off the west coast of Granada, in the Antilles, which became one of the 25 wonders of the world according to National Geographic.

In 2009 he was co-founder of the MUSE, transforming the coasts of Cancun into one of the most exclusive destinations in the world. What’s more,Jason from Caires Taylor is an award-winning underwater photographer, outstanding in capturing dramatic images where he focuses on the metamorphic effects of the ocean.

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