The splendor of Cozumel Reefs

Cozumel is widely known for its coral reefs. And no wonder why, diving in Cozumel is like diving in a paradise full of color and magic.

This picturesque island is only 9.3 miles large and 31 miles long and is surrounded by the second largest barrier reef system in the world. You can get to Cozumel by Ferry after 40 minutes ride from Playa del Carmen.

It was in 1959 that Jacques Cousteau found this submerged world, now one of the finest diving places on earth and top dive destination for professionals and amateurs diver.

Cozumel hosts awesome dive sites that are easily accessible from the beach which makes it a great opportunity for those who are new to scuba diving. The coral reefs are not only a beautiful sight for divers, but they also offer a home for various species. You will find an abundance of marine life to keep your eye open as you explore the deep blue sea of the Caribbean. You will see plenty of marine life species like lobsters, crabs, angelfish, yellowtails, octopuses moray eels, filefish, turtles, groupers, giant parrotfish, French and queen Angelfish and toadfish among the bright colors of the balloon-shaped corals. A spectacle of color and beauty that only can be found in Cozumel!

If you are new on this, you’ll be amazed by this dreamlike setting in an adventure you will never forget. Join this incredible experience with the best dive masters to tour you through the best spots and keep you safe