The Top 5 Places to practice Diving in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Diving in Cancun is one of the hottest activites when it comes to things to do in your vacations, and we’ve got everything right here! From cavern diving to night diving in Cancun or an easy day diving in isla mujeres.

So we heard you love diving! Well here at Aquaworld we have all sorts of diving for all ages, however if you truly wish to enjoy as much as you can each specialty, we recommend taking a diving certificate so you can do it.

Basic Diving Certificates in Cancun

First things first, you’ll need to go through basic certifications so you can take on big experiences like Cavern or Night Diving! These options here are layed out for divers who are currently uncertified. You can also take advantage of them if you’re feeling a little rusty on your skills.

Advanced Diving Certificates

If you’re a seasoned diver and you wish to expand your knowledge, these certificates are the best for you! From an advanced certificate to an instructor development, here at Aquaworld we’ll teach you how to become a professional diver in our 5 star centers!

Now that we’ve set aside the basics for our diving tours, here’s what you’re looking at next time you visit Cancun or Riviera Maya

Wreck Diving in Cancun

An 85 ft dive that leads to a C-58 Mine Sweeper sleeping on the ocean floor. Just 40 minutes off the coast in Cancun, this advanced diver quest goes through a battle ship used in WWII; The USS Harlequin.

wreck diving cancun

Get your scuba gear ready, cause the USS Harlequin is an exciting adventure that will make your diving experience unique!

Diving in Cozumel

Diving in Cozumel is a lifetime experience for both advanced and beginners! However, if you have a dive certification, you can take advantage of the 85 ft depths of this breath taking wall dive!
Imagine how amazing it would be to descend down a vertical facade down the side of a colorful wall filled with reef formations that breed life! Just imagine what’s coming, the magic that awaits.
diving in cozumel

Diving in Cancun Underwater Museum MUSA

diving in cancun underwater museum

Ah the beauty of this museum and how it perfectly blends nature and art – It doesn’t matter if you’re a master diver or a beginner here, Cancun’s Underwater Museum is totally a must do if you’re in Cancun
This dive is available everyday because of it’s neverending demand! See this project with your very own eyes, with over 490 statues underwater, all life sized.
This artificial reef is home to an intense amount of species and corals, you won’t believe your eyes until you submerge into these other wordly waters that create an atmosphere beyond description.

Cavern Diving in Cancun

cavern diving cancun

The next step up from an everyday reef diving is here, a Cavern dive! And all you need is an open water certification for this!
Tajma Ha awaits with it’s beautiful underwater structures, located to the south of Cancun, this cenote is close to Cancun as to the Riviera Maya so this is a very, very popular dive.
Embrace the abstract formations and the unique water in Tajma Ha as you venture forth in its caverns. An adventure for the adrenaline seekers of the diving world.

Night Diving in Cancun

Last but totally not least, a dive at night is a whole new thrill for any diver. This experience will enhance your focus due to the fact that the only light you have available for you is our dive light, which creates a tunnel that guides your dive.

night diving in cancun

The marine life that swims through these waters at night varies from the waters during daylight, so overall night diving is completely different than your everyday dive. Get ready to see a world you haven’t imagined!

Diving in Cancun is one of the best activities you can do here! However if you’re more of a shallow water swimming type of person, you can always try some snorkeling in isla mujeres or maybe Cancun, which is equally stunning!

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!