The Wonderful Creatures in the Caribbean Sea (Part 1)

If you’re planning on scuba diving on any of the spots that the Caribbean has to offer, you’re about to meet the most beautiful species of animals on earth.

The fauna that habits the depths of the Caribbean is diverse in all ways, from sizes to colors and shapes. So get ready, because here are some of the marvels of nature that await you in this amazing tour:


This little buddy can be found in a variety of colors due to the fact that, as it grows up, it changes its color from a bright yellow to a dark blue. It is known as surgeonfish because of the sharpened fin it has, similar to the scalpel that surgeons usually use.

Sea Horse

Commonly found in Cozumel, the sea horse is a special creature that is waiting for you to discover. They usually swim in pairs, they are considered a symbol of fidelity because every sea horse has only one couple through his entire life. Be sure to look carefully for them as they possess a camouflage mechanism that allows them to merge with the sand.


The blowfish can be found on the shores of Cancun and Isla Mujeres, this fun looking fish has spines all over its body, when it feels threatened, it absorbs a large amount of water, increasing its volume and showing its spines, that way they decrease the risk of being attacked or eaten.


This little fish is one of the most varied that you can find in terms of colors, the most common being a light yellow with dark stripes. The angelfish has a vertical-shaped body that allows them to hide from predators between roots and plants. Trust me, a bank of angelfishes is one of the most amazing things that you can experience underwater.

If you’re planning on getting to meet these amazing creatures, be sure to check out our tour list for scuba diving and snorkeling on any of the Caribbean spots we have to offer!