The Wonderful Creatures in the Caribbean Sea (Part 2)

Do you want to know more about the majestic creatures that await you underwater? Then get ready, because here are 4 more creatures you can find.

Whale Shark

There’s a little amount of places that may offer you this magic encounter, and fewer the ones that guarantee it, but you should know, that in the waters of Cancun, your odds are very good. The whale shark is a harmless animal, don’t let the word “shark” intimidate you; these giant creatures do not have teeth, they only eat plankton as they swim with their mouths open so they can catch the most of them.
The season on which they usually show up is between June and September.

Manta Rays

These animals are found in temperate, subtropical and tropical waters. They are filter feeders, usually they eat zooplankton, the water current against them drives the plankton directly toward their mouths, being able to store enormous quantities of food. It is rumored that the manta rays are dangerous to humans, which is false, the manta rays are inoffensive.

Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is the largest of all Marlins, it is usually larger than 13 ft. and it’s one of the biggest and fastest fish in the world. They are migratory creatures, the warm currents are their way of traveling and they can go for thousands of miles. They are known for fighting ferociously when they bite the fishing cord.


The Sailfish carries that name due to its sail-shaped dorsal fin, it belongs to the family of the marlins. Its superior jaw stands out from its inferior jaw and it has a pointy shape. It usually lengths 10 ft. and weighs approximately 220 pounds. This species of fish can achieve an average speed of 98 ft. per second. Their life expectancy is approximately 4 years

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