Things You Didn’t Know About the Beach

Think you know all about beaches? Think again! Take a look to the next article and read new things you didn’t know about the beach. Test your knowledge, check out these facts and learn something new today!

Beaches go through natural processes to become so stunning and relaxing

Beaches are always changing whether we notice or not. The natural cycle of change depends on the beach and differs around the world.

Some beaches are longer, wider or smaller and less wide, others are covered in natural sea glass or rocks with lime rock formations sprouting out towards the sea.

All beaches are covered in minerals and this is why most tend to have a particular appearance. These facts are common to all beaches, a natural place of retreat and intrigue, the place of many desirable vacations.

Did you know that sand, shells and pebbles accumulate on the beach during the processes of erosion? As part of a natural storm response, sand is provided to the beach through the erosion of land and accretion of underwater minerals.

The natural sand barriers created during the process of erosion are part of the protection of the land from being swallowed up by the sea.

Another fact that some people don’t know is that beaches are not always sandy, some are rockywith pebbles and stones all over the shorelines.

Shells, small and large, tend to wash ashore many beaches as underwater creatures find new protection to fit their growing bodies. Even though not all beach shores are sandy most of the accretion is quartz, a mineral from the old rocks near the shores of rivers.

Even more fascinating, the color of the beach can vary as well from white, black, tan, pink, purple, brown green and red. Ever see a green beach?

Well they do exist! In Hawaii and other areas of the world where volcanoes are nearby, the sand gets its color from old lava rocks.

Check out beaches in the Yucatan Peninsula for white and tan colored sands that blend in idyllically with the amazingly turquoise and clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.
playa del caribe mexicano
There are four main types of beaches including barrier Island beaches, mainland, spit and pocket beaches. Mexico is mostly composed of mainland and spit beaches, where the land and water meet.

There are also barrier island beaches where lagoons meet as well to form a natural habitat for the tropical and exotic creatures.

With a range of interesting findings from different colors to different textures of sand and stone due to erosion, beaches are an exciting spectacle.

It’s no wonder that many vacational plans are taking place in the beach. What are other things you didn’t know about the beach?

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