Tips for diving in sunken ships

One of the most interesting and demanded activities in the Mexican Caribbean area is being able to dive in sunken ships, because without a doubt you will discover a completely different world.

The region and its various shipwrecks make it possible to carry out this activity in your visit to Puerto Morelos.

Divers call this practice wreck diving, a term that includes any type of shipwreck, from ships, to trains, planes and vehicles. In addition, in the region you can find from sailboats to military ships submerged under its waters.

Basic tips for diving in wrecks

At the time of the realization of a tour or excursion of wreck divingIt is necessary to verify the state of the equipment, that nothing has been forgotten and have an appropriate training To dive in wrecks, it is necessary to have a PADI certification, such as those prepared by Aquaworld. If you took the PADI course of mastery of buoyancy, with which you will learn to float effortlessly.

In addition, having a sketch of the wreck dive site will allow you to efficiently orient yourself during the dive. But if you don’t have a plan of the place, then take an underwater tablet with you to prepare one.

Another instrument that you cannot forget to carry is the flashlight, because it will help you to see and perceive the colors of marine life in the depths, as well as detecting and avoiding obstacles within the wreck.

Visit a shipwreck in Cancun

You can hire our wreck diving tour in Cancun, and thus you will get to know the Mine Sweeper C-58, also known as General Anaya, although its original name was USS Harlequin. It is a ship sunk by the Mexican navy to create an artificial reef Touring General Anaya will allow you to observe all the marine life of the region, both in flora and fauna. At Aquaworld we offer you the possibility of diving 26 meters, always presenting the valid diving certification, since the place requires prior knowledge. This tour includes diving equipment, instructor, and all necessary refreshments.

Shipwreck in Puerto Morelos

In addition, Aquaworld offers you a two-tank dive not only to visit the depths but also the C-56 Minesweeper minesweeper.

In the zone ofPuerto Morelos This ship, known as Juan Escutia, is found, and it used to be an excellent Mexican Navy ship before being sunk in 1996.

Without as much renown as General Anaya, the tour on the C-56 is incredible: it makes it possible to admire the area and have a closer look at its marine flora and fauna. It is essential that you take into account the aforementioned tips for diving in sunken ships, so that you can enjoy your tour of the sea in a unique and unforgettable way. Cancun underwater world.

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