Tips for snorkeling in Cancun

Doing snorkeling in Cancun It is one of its main attractions, but there are some tips that you should remember before your next snorkeling tour in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

What is snorkeling?

In a simple definition, Snorkeling is the practice of diving at water level, where people are equipped with a diving mask, a tube called a snorkel and normally fins.

The main attraction of snorkeling is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural environment without complicated equipment and the necessary training for diving and also allows you to enjoy this experience for long periods of time with relatively little effort.

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Snorkeling Tips: What You Can and Can’t Do

Essential Tips and Hints for Beginners

These tips will help you make your snorkeling tour more enjoyable, in addition to helping you maintain the reefs (You may be interested in: How to Avoid Destroying Coral Reefs) in good state. Snorkeling is easy, but it can get complicated if you ignore the following tips.

You must have basic swimming skills

Snorkeling consists of wearing a life jacket and floating face down in the water, all this with a mask and a breathing tube called a snorkel. It sounds easy? It is, but although in the Mexican Caribbean the waters are relatively calm throughout the year, it is important that you be able to swim or stay afloat without the need for a lifeguard and be able to swim from one point to another. If an operator in Cancun allows you to snorkel without you knowing how to swim, you should question their integrity.

Don’t get anything out of the ocean

Cancun’s marine life is protected, so in addition to potentially causing harm, you would be breaking the law. The Coral reefs they are very fragile and take many years to grow, fish and other marine species can feel stress and fear. You should not touch them, much less remove them from their natural habitat.

Don’t use sunscreen

Even if they are biodegradable, once they touch the reef they do not degrade immediately. Sunscreens can harm marine life and reefs. If you go on a snorkeling tour in Cancun, don’t use them.

Take a water camera with you

Seeing sea turtles in the waters of the Cancun hotel zone is much more common than you think. The aquatic cameras are cheap and easy to use, with them you can have a lasting memory of your snorkeling tour in Cancun.

You must wear a life jacket at all times

This measure is for your own safety and is part of the rules of the Marine National Park. Free diving is not allowed, anyone who does not comply with this rule will be expelled from the snorkeling tour. Remember that the corals They are of vital importance to maintain the ecosystem of the area, so they cannot be touched or damaged.

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