5 Useful Tips for tours in Cancun with Aquaworld

When visiting paradise, it is only natural to want to go on tours. They are fun experiences that create memories with your family or friends. Especially when you experience them with the biggest water sports center in Latinamerica; Aquaworld.

Here are the most useful tips for tours in Cancun:

Tips for tours in Cancun: Be an early bird

Cancun is a popular destination, this means the places you want to go may be crowded during the summer. Avoid crowds and get everywhere as early as possible… it may be hard to get up early in the morning during your vacations but it’ll sure be worth it.
This tip is also relevant with snorkeling tours in Punta Nizuc because the first groups always observe the most fish, turtles and rays.

Take dramamine with you

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Some of the most amazing tours in Cancun are partly on board watercrafts, for some people this means seasickness. But preventing it is easy, just take Dramamine a couple of hours before the tour begins.

Make a list of the things you’ll need

There are 5 tour essentials you must not forget before leaving your hotel. Bathing suit, towel, sandals, money and camera or phone with a water bag. That way you’ll be prepared in case you get wet, in case they sell photos, they ask for tips or if you see something you must photograph.
Also take something to protect you from the sun like a hat or biodegradable sunscreen.
However, remember that the most important thing to take with you is a good attitude, with that you’ll have the best experiences.

Book your tours with anticipation

Just like when booking flights and hotels, booking tours with anticipation has benefits. The first one is that you secure your place and you get to plan better your days in Cancun. There are discounts and exclusive promotions too (you can find some in our facebook page).

For example: Try the  Day Pass that includes up to 10 activities in a day for $129usd, it has to be booked at least 7 days prior to arrival.

Know all of your options

There are hundreds of activities on offer in Cancun. One of the most popular ones is snorkeling and can be practiced in reefs, the underwater museum MUSA, combined with a speed boat tour, and the most exciting of them all: snorkeling with whale sharks.
However, that last one is only available from June to Septembe

Here you can find all of the tours in Aquaworld.