Tips to Improve Your Air Consumption

One of the issues that most concerns both beginner and advanced divers is keeping air consumption at an optimal level. Running out of air is uncomfortable and can lead to panic as well as ending the dive prematurely by reaching the air reserve too quickly.

It is very common for novice divers to overconsume air during their first few dives until they have gained a certain level of experience and their intake begins to stabilize.

But fortunately we have some tips so that from the beginning you master the art of improving your air consumption. There are many techniques you can follow to safely optimize your air consumption, practice the ones we share below.

Get in shape – The more fit you are, your cardio vascular system and your lungs will be more efficient in gas exchange, and you will need less oxygen.

Breathe slowly– Breathe slowly, when possible slightly lengthen the pause after inhalation, relax. Breathing deeply provides more efficient gas exchange in the lungs.

just relax– The most important factor in saving air is relaxation. A stressed or anxious diver can easily consume double or triple what they would need while relaxed.
Glasses – Many divers use much more air than they need to empty the mask. Learn to empty it with the necessary amount of air.
Don’t waste air – When possible and safe, use the snorkel instead of the regulator.
Stay horizontal and hydrodynamic– Staying horizontal is an important factor that significantly reduces resistance to movement through water, and therefore has a direct relationship with air consumption. If you’re wearing a drysuit, try to inject as little air into the suit as possible, just enough to alleviate the tackle.

Temperature – The more our body cools, the greater our air consumption to maintain the proper body temperature.

Economize your movements– Do not use your arms and hands to swim, keep them close to the body or crossed in front of the chest. Always move slowly, like in slow motion, and learn to use the current to your advantage to move.

In addition to these techniques, we recommend that you be rested and that you are mentally and physically prepared for the dive. If you want your next dives to be an incredible experience, get certified withAquaworld and let us take you to the best places in Cancun and the Riviera Maya for diving.