Tips to perform deep diving in Cancun

Deep diving allows you to explore the deepest marine life that can only be seen in movies.

When we talk about deep diving we are considering a dive that would exceed 18M from the water surface down to about 30M which of course is more for the adventurous and experienced divers.  Intense deep diving is usually practised in the wreck salvage industry where sunken treasures are rescued and restored.

This activity requires good preparation in order to do it safely and for maximum enjoyment so here are some tips for practising deep diving in Cancun.

Always be accompanied by experts

If you are planning a vacation in the area then you should consider the option of diving in Cancun. Reach the deepest parts of these magical waters with a professional team of experts who will always be on hand to assist you with gearing up, ensuring your equipment is in top condition and clear any doubts you might have before entering the water.

Be fully prepared

To be fully prepared for the adventure it is important to re-check your personal condition and be assured you’re fit and ready to go.  Consider how many dives you have had so far and if you are a beginner do not go beyond 60 feet, ensure you feel comfortable before taking deeper dives. You may also consider the last time you went diving, how deep you dove and perhaps look into taking a refresher.

Always check your equipment

If you feel stressed during a dive this can lead to panic and injury if you are not in a controlled environment.  Your Cancun dive center will ensure all your equipment is functioning and operating correctly but you should always complete a pre-dive safety check prior to entering the water.
Always signal to your partner and be aware of his location.  Slow your descent if necessary and stay with the group. When you are at the bottom go with the flow and do not try to swim against the current.

Finally, remain alert of what is ahead of you and in case of an unanticipated obstacle plan your move in advance to avoid collision.
Deep diving in Cancun is the most exciting way to explore the underwater world and you have an adventure guaranteed with the support of the Aquaworld team at your disposal.

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!