Tips to unclog your ears when diving in Cancun

Did you know that ear pain when diving is the number one reason why people abandon thediving in Cancun? From divers who begin in this activity to experienced divers, they have some discomfort when diving.

We leave you the best tips to clean your ears while diving and exploring in Cancun.

Vasalva’s Maneuver

Some of these tips and advanced techniques will save your ears and make diving in Cancun easier, Vasalva’s maneuver It is the one used by most divers when descending, this maneuver helps to equalize the pressure in the ear due to the change that occurs during descent.

To do it you need to pinch your nose while you exhale, in this way the descent is more comfortable. Sometimes this technique does not help so there are others that you can use and later we will expose you.

Experts recommend stopping if you experience pain in the ear, if you are diving in Cancun and feel any discomfort or pain, then you should ascend calmly to avoid future discomfort.

If you are diving with experts such as Aquaworld, they will give you various techniques so that you can continue yourdiving in Cancun and continue enjoying its delicious waters and know all the marine wonders.

Surely the following techniques will give you relief in your ears so that you continue your itinerary:

Wait for the “Pop”

Before jumping into the water, make sure that when you swallow you hear a “pop” in your ears, this will let you know that both Eustachian tubes open correctly, after the “pop” you are ready for the dive to be successful and continue with diving in Cancun.

Equalize your ears for diving in Cancun

If you have already planned diving, we recommend you gently equalize your ears from time to time, with a simple solution: chew gum; This simple activity will help to balance the pressure of the ears a few hours before the descent.

If you are ready to protect your ears then the next step is to purchase an incredible diving tour in Cancun. Aquaworld It has a catalog of activities that will surely cover your needs.

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