Tours you must do in Cancun

We give you some recommendations of Tours What you should do in Cancun for when you come on vacation and schedule them in your itinerary.

Cancun is a special tourist destination important for those who like to admire the beauties of nature. There are endless tours that you can do while you are on vacation in this place.

Diving in Cancun

If you like to admire the beauty of coral reefs, you should definitely visit the Cancun reef, which is known worldwide and is home to a wide variety of fish as well as some plants.

A perfect opportunity to get to know the coral reef of Cancun is to take a diving tour, in which you are provided with a guide who will give you the necessary instructions to use the diving equipment correctly and will also provide you with assistance if you need it.

At Aquaworld we have diving tours for him Cancun Underwater Museum of Art, also known as MUSA for its acronym, which houses reefs and abandoned ships under the sea.

We have the necessary security to make your trip an unforgettable experience.


The snorkel It is another of the most popular activities among those who visit Cancun each year, not only for fun, but because it is something simple to do and does not require much training.

You can practice the snorkeling in Cancun in areas such as the MUSA, which has more than 400 sculptures made with ecological materials, Women Island, which has the Manchones reef and where it is common to meet sea turtles while snorkeling or diving, Punta Nizuc has the closest coral reef to the hotel zone, and the island of Cozumel, with coral reefs along its coast.


Fishing It is also another of the most attractive activities for national and foreign tourists who visit Cancun every year. Here you can find fish such as bonitos, groupers, mahi mahi, marlins, and other specimens and even African pompoms, fish whose flavor is very good and that are found in the season from winter to spring. The ideal month for fishing is November but also you can go in september. Another fish that you find in the waters of Cancun is the yellow snapper, which is commonly found in the waters of Arrowsmith Bank, a fishing site 40 kilometers from Cancun. You also find mackerel fish in the winter months.

At Aquaworld we have fishing and snorkeling tours that can help you better understand the marine flora and fauna in Cancun. The best thing about the fishing tour is that you can cook what you catch, except for certain protected specimens that must be returned to the sea; The Aquaworld team will prepare and cook the product of your fishing.

With our snorkeling tour you can visit places such as the coral reefs in Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, and also the MUSA, which will surprise you with the variety of its sculptures, including a life-size Volkswagen. We have certified personnel for each and every one of our activities and we have the necessary security.