TripAdvisor Reputation: Top Activities

TripAdvisor is one of the most influential social networks for travelers; that is why we want to tell you what are our best activities in Cancun, Cozumel and the Riviera Maya, according to our travelers. We will also tell you how this platform hashelped us in our continuous improvement as a company.

TripAvisor: What is it and how does it work?

Before we tell you how TripAdvisor has influenced our continuous improvement and the best activities you can find in Cancun, Cozumel and the Riviera Maya, you need to know some basic things about this platform.

What is TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor is a social network that allows us to know the opinion of travelers from their perspective.

How does it work?

In order to make comments within this social network you must create a traveler profile. In which you can put personal data, nickname, interests and begin to review places you have visited. However TripAdvisor establishes some guidelines to be able to comment, which are:

– Relevant comments for travelers

– Unbiased

– Useful and first-hand

– Recent

– Original

– Non-commercial

– Respectful of private information

– You must have a TripAdvisor profile

– Easy to read

– Minimum age 13 years old

– Not allowed: Sexually explicit comments, hate speech, prejudiced comments, threats, personal insults and illegal activities.

Once you meet the minimum requirements for your TripAdvisor profile and make your first review meeting the above guidelines you will have the opportunity to rate the business, attraction, hotel, restaurant or service you visited. These weightings range from “Excellent” which is 5 stars to the criteria of “Lousy” which is equivalent to 1 star.

As travelers (users) on TripAdvisor rate businesses, they get a reputation. Obviously if your business has 5 stars it indicates that your business has a good reputation and can even get the badge of Excellence on TripAdvisor.

Aquaworld Cancun once again obtained the 2019 TripAdvidor certificate of excellence that was awarded for continuing to receive excellent and positive reviews by travelers.

The Best Activities:

How to know: what are the best activities in Cancun, Cozumel or Riviera Maya?

Just as TripAdvisor rates businesses, users can also rate the activities or attractions they visit. For that reason it has an exclusive category of Cancun Attractions, Cozumel Attractions, among others. These are subdivisions according to the tourist destination where you are.


Why Diving with Aquaworld Cancun?

Well because we are the best company in aquatic fun.

Certified divers can explore the underwater world (MUSA) in the Caribbean coast of Mexico! Cancun is a world famous place to dive and offers several sites, Cancun, Cozumel and the Riviera Maya are excellent destinations for scuba diving in the bottom of the Sea. We can find one of the largest reefs in the world, known as “The Great Mayan Reef” which covers from the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula to part of Central America, we can also dive and explore sunken shipwrecks, the Underwater Museum (MUSA) and some cenotes or caverns that will leave us impressed with its mystique, each with its unique characteristics. You can also do a night dive and a dive among the wreck of the C-58 Minesweeper. With exotic marine fauna and unique dives, all certified divers will be impressed.

Traveler Sara G: Very good diving experience, the instructors David and Ruben very helpful and friendly. Highly recommended!

But besides being a very pleasant experience for certified divers, we can also find travelers who are just experiencing this adventure doing their Discover Scuba Diving, which is diving for beginners (if you want to know how you can do this dive we recommend you to read: Does diving in Mexico really require certification?) Where we will teach you the basics and essentials of diving so you can do your first dive.

Alejandro L: I’ll start by saying that on a recent visit to Cancun, we tried our first diving adventure and unfortunately we approached the wrong “agency”, resulting in the fact that only I was able to descend and my partner could not overcome or feel the confidence required for the dive.

Fortunately on this second attempt, we chose AQUAWORLD and had a great experience at 1005. From the morning class in the special pool, where the instructor clearly transmitted the most fundamental movements for this sport, to the guides in the dive who behaved wonderfully, to the extent that they knew with kindness, patience and clarity, transmit the confidence required and now we both managed to go down … (my partner and I),

On behalf of her (my partner), I thank them for all the enthusiasm they showed when they knew that they had a first time case, and that I already had a history of cancellation or regret at the time of starting the dive.

The class we received was fundamental and we achieved what we had set out to do.

Undoubtedly, we will return with much more confidence to continue enjoying this activity, which is an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to all the AQUAWORLD team!

If you later wish to do more dives or want to become a diving expert, we will help you with your training!

Book 7 days in advance on-line and receive special price.

2. Aquatwister: Speed, adrenaline and adrenaline in the Nichupte Lagoon.

One of the best activities you can do when you come to the Mexican Caribbean is the: Aquatwister

The Aquatwister will trigger a series of feelings and emotions in you during the tour, such as: adrenaline, speed and fear. You will feel the breeze on your face and the adrenaline running through your veins. A special experience for the adventurous: Go at full speed and slam on the brakes. Turn fast at 270° and feel the force of acceleration and sudden braking.

Traveler Natalia A: I went with my cousin to do this activity, as there were no people, we were both alone, we were recommended to sit in the highest part to enjoy it better and it was really worth it, it was super fun, we got wet a lot and the driver was super attentive, because he always looked at us and asked us if we were okay. Maybe the only criticism is that they should warn you that you are going to get wet enough to only go in with a bathing suit.

3. BOB: A personal submarine!

One of the best and unique activities in Cancun where you drive a personal mini-submarine.

The BOB (Breathing Observation Bubble) is a fantastic way to observe the spectacular marine life of Cancun Chitales reef area. It is similar to scuba diving but easier, the second best option for diving in Cancun.

The helmet contains an oxygenation system that allows you to stay underwater just like scuba diving. After a short tour through the Nichupte Lagoon. You will arrive at the Chitales reef and board our BOB boat where you will receive the proper instruction to handle the scooter, you will slowly dive to about 6 meters deep, ready to explore the bottom of the sea in a unique way!

Traveler Yessica Flores: The truth was a super experience, to be able to take a ride aboard the BOB and to be able to observe everything as if we were diving.

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Aquaworld Cancun Continuous Improvement.

Continuous improvement is a topic of utmost importance for companies, and Aquaworld Cancun is no exception. Our efforts to always grow and offer the best experiences are not only based on the processes and certifications we have today; it is thanks to the travelers who have let us know their bad experiences or have pointed out their areas of opportunity.

In this way, the departments together have sought different alternatives and solutions to improve customer service and experience. On the operational side, it has also helped us to see our areas of opportunity and be able to improve them.

Such is the case of the Subsee Explorer, which is a semi-submersible boat ideal for the whole family, but thanks to constructive criticism from travelers, this has helped us to improve our attention and assistance on the Subsee for clients who feel nauseous or have some kind of panic attack. Our guides are now trained to provide first aid assistance, as appropriate. Our call-center and check-in team also helps us to remind our clients that if they are people who tend to get dizzy easily, they should take some medication to avoid dizziness. Once they are exploring the sea, if the client suffers a panic attack or seasickness, they are taken to the upper deck to get some fresh air and we have a first aid kit.

However, Subsee has not been the only activity that travelers have helped us to improve. Another one has been scuba diving, that’s right, just as you hear it. Although scuba diving is one of the best activities, there was a time when it had its downfalls due to some areas of opportunity in the attention given by the instructors to the beginners. Nowadays we organize Roleplay activities with our instructors divers, to know how they would react with first time clients. In the same way, it is not possible to dive in the sea without having practiced in confined water. The main focus that has been transmitted to our diving team is to make the users feel as comfortable as possible and to share their passion with them. Diving is a very noble activity on which depends a lot on the first impression and immersion.

Finally we would like to talk about our on-line customer service which in the beginning was not recommended (it is a pity that previously we did not give them the priority they required). Currently our e-business team is very solid, so you can be sure that we are all very aware of what our customers write to us through Social Networks.

In the same way, the process or follow-up of the on-line customer service was very slow or the communication was lost. However, all the experiences we have had with travelers and customers have given us a lot of learning; optimizing our response time, attention and customer solution. Even thanks to this great after-sales service we have been able to change the customer’s perspective so that their opinion of us is no longer negative and becomes favorable.

So travelers leave us your opinions on TripAdvisor. We are grateful that you make us part of your experience in the Mexican Caribbean and above all that you leave your aquatic fun in our hands.