Underwater Museum of Art, full of aquatic magic

The Underwater Museum of Art, is located on the coast of Isla Mujeres and Cancun is the museum with the largest number of sculptures and it is here in Mexico!

We will never tire of talking about this magical museum that is made up of more than 500 life-size sculptures, the MUSA as we also call it offers exhibits only 28 feet deep from the ocean, and Aquaworld joint two incredible activities the Snorkeling and the visit to this submerged and beautiful museum.

This beautiful project began in 2009 as an effort to protect the endangered Mesoamerican Reef, this beautiful reef is the second largest in the world and is visited by experienced and amateur divers to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds the sculptures as reefs. artificial.

Exhibiting artists

The famous sculptors add up to a total of 500 sculptures. In total, there are six artists who helped create the works that are currently in the Underwater Museum of Art: Jason snubs Taylor, Roberto Diaz Abraham (both founders) Salvador Quiroz Ennis, Rodrigo Quiñones Reyes, Karen Salinas Martínez and Enrique Mireles.

Jason deCaires Taylor has a collection that are based on local residents of Puerto Morelos. The famous sculptor has the largest collection of 450 life-size statues.The cement used in all the sculptures has an area ofNeutral PHPromoting coral growth, the plaster allows the sculpture to dry before removing the model and then filling in the sculptures. The material has a high marine grade that has helped algae and corals proliferate to bring magic to the incredible MUSA.

Satire at the Underwater Museum of Art

Most of Taylor’s works are a satirical commentary on what is going on today, from men suit

From men with their heads submerged in the sand to men seated at a round table, the most fascinating thing is that each of the works are built to help protect and understand marine life.

The Underwater Museum of Art is open all year round for the public and because the site is protected you can only enter with specialized guides to see the reefs and observe the pieces exhibited there.

And Aquaworld has several tours with which they make it possible to know the incredible Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun.

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