What is the Underwater Photography Workshop?

The Underwater Photography workshop is the 6-day boot camp that will give you the skill set to capture wonderful pictures under the water. Know all of the details and dare to expand you horizons with us.

Meet your Professor

This amazing Underwater Photography Course will be taught by a professional underwater and nature photographer with an abundance of international awards like Wildlife Photographer of th YearASFÉRICOOcean Art and many more. Learn everything about his career in this post: Luis Javier Sandoval.

Theoretical Lessons

This course will have 8 theoretical and 8 practical lessons. The theory will be taught in Aquaworld Marina, located in the km 15.2 of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. By the end of it, you’ll be an expert in the following topics:

  • Equipment and accessories for underwater photography
  • Ambient, artificial and mixed light
  • Settings: ISO, F-Stop, Speed & WB
  • Composition, planning and production
  • Snoot
  • Macro, wide angle and medium lens
  • Movement photography (low speed)
  • Marine life interactions

Practical lessons

And these are the expeditions you’ll make during the Underwater Photography Boot Camp. Without a doubt you’ll finish it as a great photographer with captures of out-of-this-world landscapes.

To begin with this course the best way, we’ll visit the Underwater Museum of Art, or MUSA. This place has a mysterious atmosphere with its hundreds of life-sized statues. It was created to act as an artificial reef. Which is why you’ll see plenty of fish and even turtles swimming around.

After MUSA, you’ll meet Cancun’s colorful reefs which are famous for their abundant marine life. You’ll put to test your new knowledge and will surely leave the location full of excellent underwater shots.

Cozumel is the ultimate diving location and when you see its gorgeous reefs you’ll get why. We’ll take you 85 feet deep and you’ll dive by one of the most impressive reef walls in the world.

Near the costs of Cancun, there’s an excellent location to apply the lesson you learned in the Underwater Photography Course: General Anaya. This sunken ship was cut in two by the hurricane Wilma back in 2005.

In Punta Nizuc there’s the clearest water in Cancun – that makes it the perfect location to capture the sunset. This time instead of diving, we’ll snorkel because we want to stay near the surface.

Inside the Yucatan Peninsula’s Cenotes you’ll find endless opportunities to take unique captures. These places will probably take your breath away because they are like entrances to another planet.

Capturing the majesty of the world’s biggest fish is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Consider this last practical lesson kind of like a final test and the beginning of an intense passion for underwater photography.

Join us in the workshop

Don’t let this opportunity pass, this 6-day adventure begins in August 1oth in Cancun, Mexico. Check out all of the details here: Photography Course August 2018.