Whale shark snorkeling tour in Cancun

If you plan to spend your summer vacations in Cancun, the tour to swim and snorkel with whale sharks is an activity you must do.

What are whale sharks?

Whale sharks are a species of shark measuring up to 18 meters long, so they are giants of the sea.
They are animals that prefer warm surface water or areas where there are outbreaks of water with lower temperatures as this promotes the growth of plankton, which is their food.

For this reason there are many whale sharks in the waters off the island of Holbox, near Cancun.
Some people call these animals the lady sharks or domino sharks because they have spots that refer to this board game. Each shark has unique spots so they can be individually identified.
An impressive fact is that these sharks are viviparous and although there is no exact data about its breeding, pregnant females were found with up to 300 offspring.

The best part is that during the snorkeling tour you can approach these giants of nature because they are completely harmless.

Whale shark

Whale sharks swimming tour

Among the most fascinating activities that Cancun has to offer, we have the tour to swim with whale sharks, so you can discover these animals in the Caribbean Sea.

The best time to do this tour is between July and August, although you can snorkel from May to September, when these creatures get close to shore to feed.

But not only can the whale sharks be found in Holbox Island, but also in Contoy Island.
Note that while doing this trip you might see some giant mantas, an animal of spectacular dimensions that adds another positive point to your tour because of their size and behavior.
Dolphins and turtles are also common during the journey and so open your eyes because you never know what you will find in the ocean.

While you swim near these animals you will need to follow the instructions given by the Aquaworld guide as whale shark swimming tour is an activity regulated by the authorities to protect these animals.

The tour to snorkel with whale sharks from Aquaworld is at a great price and includes round transportation from the Cancun Hotel Zone or if you prefer, from the Riviera Maya.
During June, July and August it is common to find about 30 or 40 whale sharks so jump into the water to swim next to these amazing animals. After the snorkel it’s time to eat a delicious ceviche!
At the end of the tour we will take you to back to your hotel in Cancun or the Riviera Maya.
The Aquaworld tour to swim with whale sharks is an option that you can not miss on your summer vacation.

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