What is cavern diving and where to do it?

In some parts of the world, cavern diving is considered to be an extended part of scuba diving, whereas in some others it is seen as an extension of exploring caves or cenotes.

As the name clearly suggests, cavern diving is basically exploring cenotes. This type of scuba diving is considered to be of a high difficulty and hence, is performed by divers who have had prior experience at diving or are expert divers.

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For cavern diving, special equipment is also used, alongside the usual scuba diving gear. It is to ensure that the fact that the cenotes are compact and decompressed, there is no especially harmful impact on the divers. Due to the potentially high risk of cavern diving, only a few people dare to try it out.

Why is cavern diving fun?

The fact that cavern diving is tried out by only a few, it gives the divers a chance to explore what has rarely been experienced by others. It is also a chance to discover unique flora that grows only in a condition suitable for them in underwater caverns and cenotes or fauna that lives in the more compressed areas of the underwater.

Often the cenotes contain certain rock formations, stalagmites, or precipitation of minerals forming stalactites. These are the things that drive a diver to explore these routes in hopes of discovering something new and exciting.

For many divers, exploring the cenotes means overcoming extreme challenges, which in turn makes them stronger. Overcoming obstacles like decompression, and other natural occurrences that cause to be hindrances, is more than just a feeling of thrill and adventure.

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What Do I Need to Know before Cavern Diving?

Though the experience of cavern diving is surreal, it also comes with some risks. The deeper the diver goes, the longer the path back to the surface becomes. So, one must be very careful while traveling new routes.

Where can I do cave diving?

There are many many places to go cavern diving in Cancun and Riviera Maya, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top hostpots right here!

Cenotes and Caverns in Yucatan Peninsula

By far the best and the most beautiful caverns and cenotes are found in the Yucatan PeninsulaDiving in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and exploring the unknown is something that all divers that come here look forward to.

There are tons of caves and cenotes – some of which undiscovered – in Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cozumel. If you wish to go for some cave diving in some of these places, contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Other places to do cavern diving around the world

Mount Gambier, South Australia

This is a place where cave diving should be done in the summer months of Australia. The sinkhole was created due to the corrosion of limestones.

Blue Lake City, Australia

Experts believe that the cave still has over 4 miles of unexplored passageways inside the cave. To enter, you will have to make a dive into a long, narrow passage that will lead you to the centre from where all the fun begins.

Orda Cave, Russia

This cave is unlike any other. With chalk-like mineral substances making up the walls of the caves, it can be spooky to find new markings and formations on the walls every other day. The chalk-like substance dissolves easily in water. Altogether, the white walls are the factors that ultimately attract divers here. It is also the world’s largest crystal cave.

Temperatures here can drop to 41 degrees F, making it extremely difficult to even move an inch. So be sure to plan according to the climate.

There’s a lot to do here in Riviera Maya regarding cavern or cenote diving. However, we have a ton more activities regarding diving in Cancun and Riviera Maya, check these out!

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