What should you know before snorkeling in Cancun?

There will be people who tell you that you need a lot of experience to snorkel and this is not entirely true. If do snorkeling in Cancun it’s one of your dreams, so get ready for adventure!

Snorkeling in Cancun is the best option you can take since it has very varied marine ecosystems in terms of diversity in flora and fauna in addition to having programs for the protection and development of coral structures such as the initiative of the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSE).

To carry out this exciting activity you only need to consider the following points:

How to properly use a snorkel equipment?


  1. You should choose a mask that fits the dimensions of your face. Before putting on the snorkel mask, the first thing you have to do is stretch and loosen the straps that are on the sides.
  2. If you have long hair, the wisest thing to do is remove it from your face or put it in a ponytail, this to prevent water from seeping out.
  3. Avoid pressing the mask against your face as this will cause it to deform and you will definitely have a visor mark for the rest of the day!
  4. Ideally, place the mask on the face, pass the straps back and place them just above the nape, neither lower nor higher. Next, you will proceed to adjust the straps at the ends of the mask until you feel comfortable and secure.

There will be nothing left but to finish equipping yourself and enjoy your snorkeling tour in Cancun.

Tube or snorkel

It fits just to the right side of the mask and is fitted with a garter that holds it attached to the mask. When having the snorkel, you should take the mouthpiece of it and place it between your lips and teeth, without biting it.

If, while being in the water, you happen to get the water through the tube, all you have to do is give a strong blow or remove it from your mouth to remove the water.The tube is designed to stay at a vertical angle of 90 degrees, while observing the marine ecosystem.


There is a great variety of fins for snorkeling, the most common are those that have clasps on the sides to adjust the straps. Once you have chosen your size, it is best to wet your feet and put on your fins. It is common for the sensation of these accessories to change, because when your feet are wet, the fins can feel larger.

On boats there are always ladders, sit on them and put on your fins (avoid walking around the boat with them on, as it is impossible to walk and you can fall).tour, remove them before getting back in the boat.


You have to choose a vest that fits you. If the vest is wet, then take the one that fits tight, but if it is dry, wet it or choose one that fits even tighter since, like the fins, the perception changes and you may feel that you are coming out from under the vest. For this reason, apart from adjusting the side straps, you must also adjust the strap that goes between the legs.

Swimming strategy

On this occasion you will have to forget about the mermaid, dolphin or frog swim, because you need to swim in an adequate way to be able to advance and avoid hurting any of the members of the group that swim near you.

Just keep your legs straight and firm and bring them up and down. If you weren’t in water then you would be walking!

Pay attention to the instructions of the snorkeling instructor.

When you decided to snorkel in Cancun, you took it for granted that you will live an unforgettable experience and that you will know more about the marine life that the Mexican Caribbean offers, so enjoy it with great responsibility.

To have a comforting experience, the fundamental thing will be to listen to the instructions of the instructor, since he and his team have certain signals to communicate throughout the tour. Snorkeling in Cancun is a recreational alternative for the whole family, including children and adults who are in good health so you can come with your family, friends or with your partner.