What to do in Cancun

Do you want to travel to Cancun and you don’t know what to do? Then this post is for you. Recognized among the most important tourist destinations in the world, Cancun is a place that conquers, not only for the whiteness of its beaches, but also for the beauty of its sea.

Diving in Cancun

The diving It is one of the most attractive water activities that Cancun offers, you can visit spectacular places such as the coral reef, a formation that serves to stop large waves, storms and hurricanes.

The Coral reef is one of the great attractions of Cancun. While you are here you can enjoy the exuberant landscapes offered by the reef, whose existence is due to a singularity related to the formation of the Yucatan Peninsula.

A diving tour in Cancun is a good activity to get to know the natural beauties that are under the water of the Mexican Caribbean, you will see up close the flora and fauna of the area, composed of turtles, multicolored fish, moray eels, cat sharks, sponges of various shapes and colors, groupers and more.At Aquaworld we offer tours of b

I go to Cancun to visit the Cancun Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA), where you can see sculptures that serve as a shelter for different marine species. The most prominent artist on this site is Jason deCaires Taylor, of British nationality and who has been recognized by different media due to his underwater exhibitions.

Cancun has clear and warm waters, making it one of the preferred destinations for expert divers and beginners.

Snorkel in Cancun

Another of the activities that attracts more tourists to Cancun is the snorkel, which unlike diving, does not require you to dive to great depths so it is ideal for the whole family. snorkeling at the MUSA and see the little fish that are housed in the sculptures in the area.At Aquaworld we have snorkeling tours in Cancun ideal for you to have a fun vacation and take advantage of the time to get to know the marine fauna and flora of this place considered “the world’s aquarium.” With Aquaworld’s diving and snorkeling tours in Cancun, you don’t need any experience in these activities. We provide you with everything for the trip, including a guide, who will give you instructions for using the equipment and will help you in case you have a problem in the water. [Products ids = ‘4203’ columns = ‘1’]

Cancun Fishing Tours

The fishing It is also one of the most attractive activities in Cancun and you can rent fishing boats from four to 12 hours. The best thing is that you take your time and rent boats for as long as possible so you will have a safe fishing. Some of the fish that you can find are grouper, marlin, and bonito. Our boats have a fish locating system so that your fishing is insured.