What to do in Puerto Morelos?

If you are still wondering what to do in Puerto Morelos and what are the best activities to enjoy when you are on vacations around this destination, this post will give some ideas.

 Puerto Morelos has been the main port in the state of Quintana Roo for many years.
Located on the west coast of Mexico just 36 miles from Cancun,Puerto Morelos is considered one of the best places on the continent for recreation water sports.

Puerto Morelos has the second world’s largest barrier reef and was declared a national park in 1998.

Its crystal clear waters, low waves and fine white sand make Puerto Morelos a magical and ideal place for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

With or without experience you will be able to enjoy an unimaginable world underwater, thanks to the training that will be given from the moment you arrive at our facilities so that your time here is unique.

Snorkel or scuba diving in the natural and artificial reefs

Inside the main reef one will be awed with the wonderful marine life such as fish, sponges, turtles, anemones and corals, among others.

If you want a more intense experience, a few meters from the Great Barrier you will find an artificial reef where one can explore the vessel C-56 Juan Escutia, which was donated by the Navy of Mexico in 2000.

The particularity of this gunboat is that a few years after its collapse creatures claimed it as their own and today it’s covered by corals and sponges.

If you do not want such a deep dive or prefer an activity that requires less preparation time, snorkeling in Puerto Morelos is another potential activity to practice.

With a team available and boats that take you to the most amazing places, snorkeling is a great choice for making the most of your stay in Mexico.

At a depth of no more than 2 or 3 meters you will see a range of marine fauna of all types and colors, as well as schools of fish moving in their natural habitat.

Beautiful beaches in the ‘fishing village’

The beautiful hidden beaches in the remotest of Puerto Morelos are heavenly places for locals and tourists.

Several people are already calling to Puerto Morelos as one of the most beautiful deserted beaches in the world.

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