What to Expect on Your First Scuba Diving tour?

Do you want to go on a scuba diving tour but you are nervous because you don´t know what to expect? Relax and read the next post so you can have a best picture of what you are going to experience in your first diving tour.

Here are a few things to expect during your first dives:

Don’t expect to go to the open ocean on your first dive

On your first dive you will either start out in a pool or a shallow end of a bay. When you start, you will be able to stand on your own two feet in a controlled area.

Don’t expect to be an expert in your first scuba diving tour

Your instructor will explain the different parts of your diving equipment and various aspects of diving safety. Sometimes during your first few dives, all that information which seemed simple will go out the window with all the other new sensation of being underwater.
Don’t get frustrated if the instructor has to stop you mid-dive to go over a few points.

You will learn how to breathe underwater

Breathing through your scuba regulator might feel a little strange at least during those first few dives. When you are starting the act of putting your face in water and breathing in through the regulator can be a little distressing as it is not what you are used to.

But like everything else, practice will ease the discomfort and prepare you for the open water experience.
learn how to breath during your scuba diving tour

Learn a new way to communicate in your Scuba diving tour

When you are underwater the way you will need to communicate with your instructor and other divers is completely through hand signals.
Practice these as well. Knowing that you can communicate easily will make the diving experience more fun.

You will have to adjust how you see

While you are underwater objects will seem closer than they actually are. This may make it easier to read your gauges, but you will need to adjust your depth perception.
A good way to quickly adjust is to reach out and touch these objects for example pool floor, pool wall or your dive buddy. Never touch corals, fish or other aquatic life.
Also most scuba masks cut off the diver’s peripheral vision. Learn where your blind spots are and practice turning your head to see past them.

You will feel weightless

One of the best parts of scuba diving is the feeling of floating. Just relax when you are in the water and try to be as still as possible. Let the water and your buoyancy compensator keep you afloat.

You will learn controlled movements

With the water pushing in on you at all sides, your underwater movements should be slow and controlled. A diver who tries to move too quickly will get exhausted thus cutting the dive short.

You will experience new sensations

Some new sensations will be a little weird. When you are diving, the sensation of needing to urinate may overtake you. Being surrounded by cold water lower than body temperature can sometimes lead to a reaction known as cold water immersion diuresis. Don’t worry, it is normal.
Another sensation is that you will feel the need to clean your mask while you are underwater, especially if your mask fogs. You will need to allow a controlled amount of water into the mask.
While holding the top of the mask firmly against your forehead, you will exhale forcefully through your nose while tilting your head up. The air from your nose will force the water out the bottom of the mask.

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