Where to get married in Cancun I Aquaworld is your top Cancun wedding venue

Planning a destination wedding is not easy but Aquaworld can make your dream come true. Get married under a Cancun sunset aboard a Mississippi style paddle boat.
Aquaworld offers unique wedding ideas to ensure your day is one of a kind. If you’re going to get married in Cancun why not push the boat out… literally!
As more and more couples decide to get married abroad these days, the traditional beach wedding is no longer the new concept it once was and there are certain factors that can interfere with the cliche dream of a sunset wedding on the beach. Thay’s why Aquaworld’s ‘Sunset King’ boat wedding could be the wedding spot you’re looking for.

Weddings in Cancun, Mexico

Lets talk about the traditional tropical weddings in Cancun. Cliche beach backdrop which is all very beautiful but it may have it’s drawbacks. Some Cancun wedding venues may be more adaptable than others, here are some things to consider.

Whats the weather like in Cancun?

Weather conditions play a huge part in the success of your wedding day, if the weather does not cooperate and it’s rainy, cloudy or windy then plans have to change at the last minute. Not the case with Aquaworld’s floating wedding venue – the boat departs and sails on the lagoon side (which by the way is where the sun sets, not on the ocean), this means the water is calmer and the boat has plastic side curtains which can be pulled down in case it rains. So no last minute changes! You can also check out Cancun weather information by visiting this blog.

Is there seaweed on the beaches in Cancun?

Unfortunately yes sometimes. Whilst it’s a seasonal issue and both the government and the hotels try to keep up with the problem, there is a risk of seaweed appearing in your Cancun wedding photos. Not with Aquaworld’s Sunset King however, all you will see is a beautiful serene lagoon, glistening silver clouds as the moon shines through, reflecting on the water. Nice!

Sandy wet wedding attire!

Lets face it, with a beach wedding, it’s inevitable that your perfect, once in a lifetime wedding dress will get a little sandy and wet. Most people like to keep their wedding dress so consider this when planning a destination wedding. Getting married aboard a boat will conserve your wedding clothes in pristine condition for you to keep forever.

Your wedding package will include:  Boat rental, captain and crew, a personal wedding organizer who will be in contact with you the whole time to plan every last detail, food and beverages as chosen by you. Whether you’re looking for a casual canapé snack or a full sit down three or four course meal, nothing is a problem. There are also choices for music and entertainment.  Choose between up beat DJ music, a live band or why not a romantic sax player to entertain your guests (or all three)!

Aquaworld was proud to host one of the first same sex weddings in Cancun.  Another option for water lovers could be an underwater wedding.  Say I do underwater with Aquaworld.

So, if you’re considering where to get married, contact Aquaworld for a personalized quote.