Who are the MUSA sculptors?

The Underwater Museum of Art founded in 2009 by Dr. Jaime González Cano and Roberto Díaz Abraham, together with a group of MUSA sculptors, with the intention of creating a artificial coral reef for the reproduction of various marine species.

The work of Jason de Caires Taylor, one of MUSA’s leading sculptors who saw the light of day in November 2010, when the Underwater Museum of Art was officially opened, has expanded to other artists. With the aim of expanding the works on the bed of the Caribbean Sea, and thanks to that, the work team grew.

Meet the MUSA sculptors

Jason from Caires Taylor

English sculptor, born on August 12, 1974, is a specialist in creating contemporary underwater sculptures, which later end up becoming artificial coral reefs. The son of an English father and a Guayanese mother, he was educated at the Institute of the Arts in London, and later graduated in sculpture with honors.

Taylor is also a diving instructor, underwater naturalist and an award-winning underwater photographer and is known as one of MUSA’s top sculptors. His first works, related to the promotion of coral growths and marine life, are in the public underwater sculpture park in Molinere Bay, the first of its kind and which was commissioned in 2006 in the Antilles.

In the Underwater Museum Jason de Caires Taylor’s works are varied, but works such as Man on Fire, The Gardener of Hope, The Dream Collector and The Silent Evolution stand out. This last work is the largest underwater collection, consisting of 403 people in life size.

Karen Salinas Martinez

The young artist Karen Salinas Martínez, who is part of the group of sculptors of MUSA, has as those thematic pretexts most resorted to nature and play. Both tend to appear timidly, or sometimes excessively, in the majority of the works of this plastic artist, creating works that are always loaded with a multidisciplinary sense. Which in turn seek to maintain and promote freedom as the maximum idea of ​​their artistic expression.

Roberto Diaz Abraham

Ceramist and sculptorBorn on May 11, 1951, Roberto Díaz Abraham had his beginnings in the economic and administrative area. After graduating with a degree in economics, he traveled to Boston on a scholarship for a master’s degree, and that’s where he took a course in ceramics.

In 1993 he arrived in the city of Cancun, and in addition to serving as General Manager of Aquaworld, he began an arduous work of learning until his first exhibition towards the end of 2004. Five years later he is one of the founders of the Underwater Museum of Art.

Rodrigo Quinones Reyes

A young man recognized for being one of the MUSA sculptors, he has had the privilege of exhibiting his various works at the Califia Gallery in Prague, at the Image Factory Cultural Center in Belize. Also in the Joseph and Marie Collection of Sciences and Arts of Mexico City.

Rodrigo Quiñonez Reyes worked on the Volkswagen project for MUSA. He made a “Vocho” that was installed in the bed of the Caribbean Sea as part of the Think Blue campaign, carried out by the German carmaker. He is currently Curator at Da Burn Gallery.

Salvador Quiroz Ennis

Creator of CONCEPT M, dedicated to museological design, museography and constructions for exhibitions. Salvador Quiroz Ennis He was trained as an industrial designer, although he has developed in architecture, ecology and kinetic installations.

Within the scope of Musa, he carried out the project under the name of BACAB. This is a reef made of sculpture, made by Salvador Quiroz Ennis with the collaboration of Jason de Caires Taylor, Javier Dajer, Lua del Río, Todd BArber and Aquaworld Cancún. This work aims to follow the cooperative efforts carried out by Salvador Quiroz, in his active participation within ONGS, in addition to being one of the MUSA sculptors because his works are unforgettable.