Why is diving in Cancun known worldwide?

Diving in Cancun is one of the best known activities in the world, as its great underwater beauty is a work of art of nature.

Everyone has ever heard of Cancun and of course why not?
Cancun is a beautiful and heavenly placeIt could well be said that it is heaven on earth, because with its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise blue seas, with cotton clouds that play with the sun’s rays, Cancun is the perfect place to vacation.

Cancun is at the tip of the Yucatan peninsula, right where the beautiful Caribbean Sea begins, here you can practice almost any water sport you can think of and there are thousands of places where you can do different activities to enjoy this great place.

Whether you like to swim in the open sea, snorkel, ride a waverunner, go parachute or try to surf if you are lucky enough to find good waves, Cancun has almost it all, although you cannot stay all the time on the surface, since This tourist destination has an infinite underwater beauty that radiates tranquility and beauty everywhere, it is undoubtedly a work of art of nature.

But diving in Cancun is the perfect sport to practice during your visit, since it is one of the places worldwide known for having the best places to practice diving.

If you are a diving enthusiast, surely Cancun is already on your list of next places to visit or you have already visited it.

But do not worry, if you are not familiar with the theory or practice of this sport but are still interested in learning, you have to know that Aquaworld offers you certifications for beginners.

Scuba diving in Cancun is ideal for both experienced divers and beginners alike, so don’t worry you will always find a good place to dive. Here are some of the best places where you can scuba dive in Cancun:

Underwater Museum of Art (MUSE)

This museum is undoubtedly one of the best places to practice diving in Cancun, as it is the perfect way to enjoy art and sports at the same time.

This contemporary art museum is within the Marine Park of Cancun and Isla Mujeres, it has more than 500 life-size sculptures made by different artists.

The installation took time and was made by a non-profit organization whose sole objective is to spread art. The sculptures help to protect the fauna and help to propagate living coral, it could be said that they are already part of these coral formations.

Surely diving into it you will not want to leave until the tank runs out so you can appreciate all the works of art that are down there.

Reef belt in the western atlantic

The perfect place to dive in Cancun and one of the most popular in the world is this, as it is the second largest barrier reef in the world, followed by the one in Australia.

The main advantage of this place is that you can also practice snorkeling and with luck you will be able to see a couple of dolphins swimming and jumping, as well as contemplating turtles of different species: loggerhead, green, white and hawksbill.

Diving in Cancun and especially in this place will give you the opportunity to see a great variety of marine life, both plants and aquatic animals.

Puerto Morelos

This is a quiet fishing village that is only 35 kilometers from the city of Cancun, it has a very picturesque and bohemian style that people love.

Here you can find a reef park where you will surely have an incredible time, with sites of different depths and current intensity for novice and professional divers.


Although Cozumel is not in Cancun but rather is an island that belongs to the state of Quintana Roo, it is good to mention it since it is very close to Cancun and you only have to cross on a ferry to enjoy the incredible places that the island offers.

You can enter shallow reefs and dive a coral wall with many species of tropical fish, turtles and rays.

You can practice diving in Cozumel in different places, we are sure that you will be fascinated with its great aquatic beauty.

Diving in Cancun is the perfect activity for adventurers, lovers of marine life and curious people where we are sure they will learn many things and have incredible moments.

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