Wreck Diving in Cancun, Mexico

Wreck diving in Cancun is one of the most popular activities for those who enjoy scuba diving.

Precisely in Cancun, you can find the most popular shipwreck among divers, the Mine Sweeper c-58, also known as General Anaya, whose original name was USS Harlequin.

A little history

On the shores of the Riviera maya It is possible to find several sunken ships, all of them were in their time of military use, during World War II. These ships were intentionally sunk with the aim of forming an artificial reef as a way to save the Coral reefs of the erosion they were suffering.

The best known of them is the C-58 or General Anaya, built in 1944 in Portland, Oregon and sold to Mexico in 1962; in 1980 it was sunk in theCozumel coas0t since it couldn’t be used anymore.

Why dive the C-58

The area in which General Anaya is sunk is characterized by the immense amount of Marine life: manta rays, barracudas, groupers and corals are just some of the species that you can see in this diving tour.

It is worth mentioning that in winter it is an area where migrating eagle rays pass, so you will be able to see them in abundance, if you dive at that time.But in addition to that in 2005, Hurricane Wilma that hit the region, caused that the ship was split in half, now divers can access the interior of the ship and see what their rooms were like.

The Diving Tour

In order to get to the C-58, which is about 40 minutes off the coast of Cancun, and take this Aquaworld Tour, you will have to submerge 26 meters under the sea. important that you are a experienced diver, so you will be required to submit a valid diving certification. In addition to the fact that it is recommended that you have practiced this activity at least two years before; otherwise you can take a class that helps you remember the basics of diving. If you do not have the necessary experience, it might be better to choose a different tour. Two tanks will be used to make the tour of this shipwreck, which will allow you to better admire the marine life. In the same area there is also the C-56 Mine Sweeper , also called Juan Escutia. Like the C-58, it was bought by Mexico from the United States and sunk in 1996 at a depth of 28 meters since it had passed its useful life.Although it is less popular than General Anaya it is just as beautiful since its surroundings are you can admire a lot of marine flora and fauna.

What the Tours include

Shipwreck diving in Cancun can start from the Aquaworld Marina or one of these 4 hotels: Now Jade, Now Sapphire, Excellence Riviera or Dreams Riviera, whichever place of departure, the tour includes: snorkeling equipment, a instructor, supervised diving around the shipwreck area and waters and refreshments.

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