Wreck Diving in Cancun, Mexico

Used as a minesweeper during the World War II, C-58 or General Anaya is the best place for wreck diving in Cancun, Mexico. The shipwreck is situated at a depth of 100 feet in the Caribbean water between Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

The ship, originally named USS Harlequin, was sunk intentionally in the 1980s by the Mexican navy in order to create an artificial reef. The shipwreck is located about 40 minutes away, off the coasts of Cancun, Quintana Roo and in 2005 was split in two during hurricane Wilma so now almost all the rooms are accessible to scuba divers.

The shipwrecks add quite a thrilling experience for divers, as they get to witness something new and breath-taking. The guides will inform you about their own experiences and the history of these wrecks, what they were used for and related incidences so you get the complete picture. Though it is not as big as the Titanic, you will surely be amazed by it.

Wreck diving is considered to be for advanced divers because of the depth of the wrecks and the time it takes for the divers to reach it. The waters of Cancun are home to many wonders and perfect for adventurous scuba divers.

If you are here at the right time of the year, mostly winter months, then you might even get to witness some migratory fish and other animals like the eagle rays floating above you in massive numbers. There will be plenty of flora and fauna to see here because they have the protection and food they need in this artificial reef.

Eagle rays in shipwreck in Cancun

Wreck diving in Cancun with Aquaworld

If you want to take this two-tank dive with Aquaworld to explore the shipwreck General Anaya and the underwater life that lives inside and surrounding the boat, just select your date and we will take care of the rest.

This wreck dive is recommended mainly for advanced divers because the currents at this depth of the sea can make it challenging for a new swimmer.

Wreck diving in Puerto Morelos

Another wreck diving experience for the ones who love thrilling experiences, is the wreck in Puerto Morelos. This was also used as a mine sweeper by the US Navy, but was later purchased from them and sunk to make another artificial reef in the year of 1996.
Since then, many corals and flora have attached to it creating

a wonderful ecosystem.  This C-56 minesweeper, Juan Escutia, is 150 feet long. So, you can imagine the beauty of it, or better yet witness it by yourselves.

Other scuba diving tours in Cancun

Aquaworld has many options of diving tours and certifications to make your trip to Cancun a memorable one.

Night Dive

If the daytime dive underwater diving tour was not fascinating enough, then we bet this is what you are looking for. Daytime dives are very different from the night dives because all you can see if what your dive light will show. Some creatures are nocturnal and, hence, only come out at night. The guides will take you on a tour through the reefs. So, be ready to witness the majestic night creatures of the sea!

Reef Diving in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Who does not know about the beautiful reefs of Cancun? If you have heard enough and wish to see what everyone has been talking about, then join us on our tour to the reefs. We promise you will find something new!

Diving in MUSA, the Cancun Underwater Museum

Another great dive tour you can do besides your wreck diving is to explore the famous Cancun Underwater Museum. There you will be amazed with all the beautiful life-sized sculptures and the marine life that lives amongst them.

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!