You will find the best Beaches in Mexico in Cancun

The best beaches in Mexico They are those of Cancun and the Blue Flag certification proves that they are the cleanest and safest in the entire country.

The Blue flag It is an international certification that rewards beaches and marinas that have a degree of excellence in water quality, environmental management and education, as well as in safety and services.

The protocols to be reviewed and the selection processes are very strict, in addition to being verified and continuously monitored.

The best beaches in Mexico and the world should be certified to provide excellent service.

It is the Environmental Education Foundation that grants the ‘Blue Flag’ certificate and has the task of searching for these types of beaches all over the world.

The beaches of Mexico are world famous but those of Cancun are the favorites for their Caribbean beauty, the turquoise color of the water and its fine sand of very light color make them a tropical paradise.

Meet the seven beaches in Cancun that already have this certification:

Chac Mool Beach

This is one of the most famous beaches in Cancun, since its location is very easy to remember, it is located behind the clubbing area at kilometer 7.8 of Kukulcan boulevard.

In high seasons this beach becomes the venue for the best parties, full of tourists these beaches become a center of fun.

The waves are very moderate and there are beach clubs nearby, with a pool, drinks, lounge chairs and food to make your day at the beach more enjoyable.

Delfines Beach

This beach is also known as El Mirador, since here you can see a beautiful panoramic view of Cancun.

It is one of the beaches in Mexico best known for its majesty and undeniable beauty. In the water of this beach you can see a variety of surprising blue tones and a great spectacle at sunrise.

This beach is one of the furthest from the city but when you arrive you will know that it was worth the trip there, it is one of the favorite beaches for locals and tourists.

Las Perlas Beach

This beach is one of the first that we find in the tour of the Hotel Zone, and it has the Blue Flag certification. It is perfect for people looking for a place with few people and a beautiful landscape.

The color of the water on this beach tends to be a very greenish turquoise tone and its waves are very soft, making this the perfect beach to visit with the family.

Marlin Beach

The famous Marlin beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Mexico, visiting this beach is something that you cannot miss in life.

The entrance to this beach is located between the police station of the Hotel Zone and the Kukulkan square.

It has a large area of ​​sand to carry out various activities, the waves are more intense but nothing to worry about.

At sunset the waves increase because the tide rises and this is a spectacle that you can appreciate from the comfort of the sand.

Without a doubt, Marlin Beach has one of the best infrastructures of all the beaches in Cancun, since you can rent tables, chairs, they also offer beverage, food and toilet services.

Near this beach is not only the Plaza Kukulcan, but just a few meters behind this Plaza La Isla, which is one of the most famous and beautiful in the entire city.

Ballenas Beach

It is located in the center of the Hotel Zone, its entrance is between Secrets The Vine and the Hard Rock.

The entrance is a bit hidden since the sign that announces the entrance is very small.In this beach the waves are more intense than in the previous ones, so the recommendation is that only experienced swimmers go swimming.

For these reasons, this beach is not well known and is very quiet, the perfect beach for a moment of peace and harmony.

El Niño beach

This beach is frequented by locals, it is located in Puerto Juárez. Despite being small, there are many places to eat fresh seafood and fish, as well as restrooms and rental of tables, chairs and lounge chairs.

In the sand you can find a facility for children to play and have fun It is a good place to watch the sunrise and appreciate the view of the hotel zone.

El Mirador Beach II

Its name is Playa Coral, but people know it as El Mirador II and this is the last beach to be added to the list of Blue Flag awards.

It is also the first Pet Friendly beach in all of Latin America, making it one of the best beaches in Mexico and distinguished for allowing pets.

The beach has an area of ​​200 square meters, which you can take advantage of with your pets or alone, the waves are very calm.

It has services that not only adapt to the needs of humans but also those of their pets, the services are: palapas, showers, bathrooms and lounge chairs.

The parking lot for cars and bicycles has also been remodeled.The distinctive Blue Flag endorses the quality of the beaches in Mexico and Cancun has 7 that you have to visit.

We are sure that you are going to love to know the beaches of Cancun in Mexico, in them you will find incomparable natural beauty and endless Activities to do.