what to pack for kids

What to pack for kids when coming to Cancun ?

As the holiday season gets closer, we put at your disposal the essential checklist about what to pack for kids when visiting Cancun. Because we want you and your family have the best experience!

So what to pack for kids when coming to Cancun? Well, the answer can be very different depending on the age of your children. However, it is super important to be prepared for any situation during your trip. So join us and prepare your list for the best family experience!

Sunscreen for protecting their skinsummer equipaje para ninos a cancun

For the little ones, 3 years or younger, using baby sun creams made especially for kids in this age range is a must. It is best that babies stay in the shade for as long as possible because their skins are still very sensitive.

The SPF protection factor must be above 50 and must be applied at least 30 min prior to sun exposure. We recommend you to dress them in clothes that protect them, sunglasses and hats are also going to be of great help.

Special tip: Here you can find out how choosing a biodegradable sunscreen can avoid causing damage to the environment and reefs more specifically.

 Mini first aid kitfirst aid equipaje para ninos a cancun

When going out with children, especially if we are going to take long routes, it is necessary to have articles that help us handle accidents.

Take with you bandits for cuts and scrapes. Gauzes and antiseptics are also very useful as well as insect repellent, in Cancun 7 o’clock is also known as “la hora del Mosco” – the mosquito hour.

Packing analgesics and antacids won’t hurt either, take into account these measures for the prevention of discomforts.

Water bottles to prevent dehydrationwater equipaje para ninos a cancun

It is very important to be properly hydrated! because in Cancun the climate is hot and very humid. Make sure that you’re always hydrated so take with you a water bottle to fill. When leaving your hotel take at least 2 liters and some snacks with you.

Fruits are the best snack option for kids because they are healthy, tasty and provide a good source of vitamins. And you can find really tasty and exotic ones in Cancun! Great for you and your children to recover energy after a day at the beach.

Here we also show you 8 ways to enjoy the excellent climate of Cancun. So you can spend your holidays in a big way!

The Essentials for Babies

You’ll need the usual things that are carried in a bag when you go out with your baby: clean diapers, disinfectant wipes, and swim diapers for the beach. Baby powder is also very useful for preventing irritation on your children’s skin.

Remember, children’s baggage is not something to be taken lightly so try not to leave it to the last minute. And try to include some change of clothes in your hand luggage so they feel fresh and clean even if your bags get lost.


Their favorite toysbucket equipaje para ninos a cancun

The main question on this post is, what to pack for kids, right? But they wouldn’t be kids without some toys! so we advise you to pack some, but not too many.

Maybe inflatable balls, buckets, and spades to make castles in the sand would be ideal choices. Or if you have enough space, packing a kite would be amazing because on the beach you can fly them very well.

Well, now you know what to pack for kids when coming to Cancun! Your baggage seems to be ready with all these items, the next step is to book the best tours for kids in Cancun.

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