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The Mexican Caribbean has become a famous holiday spot over the years providing an amazing variety of dive sites and locations, perfect for diving in Cancun.  Cancun and Cozumel are easily accessible from all parts of the world making it one of the world’s most popular dive vacation destinations.  What could be better than taking the plunge into tropical turquoise waters whilst enjoying 100-150 feet of visibility amongst an array of coral reef and sea life.


Coral reefs grow best in shallow, warm waters which is why this area is ideal.  They occupy 0.1% of the world’s ocean surface but provide homes to 25% of all marine species.

This is what makes diving in Cancun/Cozumel area such an attraction to recreational divers and photographers, an awesome experience is guaranteed with every dive trip and you will see something different every time.

Coral reefs are fragile ecosystems and very sensitive to water temperature change, pollution, tropical storms and most importantly human damage.  This is why it’s of the upmost importance to take care when diving on a coral reef – the reef must not be touched and good buoyancy control is required to avoid kicking the fragile sponges and fans.



Cancun and Cozumel dive sites form part of the second largest barrier reef area in the world.  A barrier reef is a type of reef that is separated from a main land or island shore by a deep channel.  This huge reef system is known as the Mesoamerican reef which runs from Isla Contoy (the tip of the Yucatan Peninsular) all the way down to Honduras.  Statistics show that the area is made up of 65 different coral reef species, 350 species of Mollusk and over 500 species of fish.

It’s no wonder Cancun reef areas and Cozumel wall dives are among the most famous in the world.  In addition to this, in 2009 an Underwater Museum conservation project began and to this day consists of over 480 life sized sculptures made from PH neutral clay.



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Cancun Diving: The great thing about Cancun diving is that there are dive sites to match all levels of expertise.  For beginners or uncertified divers in Cancun there are some beautiful reefs that sit at only 30 feet providing that awesome first experience.  Machones reef area is perfect for a novice diver and is located between the coast of Isla Mujeres and Cancun. 

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Why not check out our dive packages to ensure you enjoy all there is to offer in the local area?
Our multiple day packages offer a selection of awesome dives.


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Would you like to combine your vacation with a dive certification? 

Aquaworld is affiliated with both SDI (Scuba Diving International) and PADI and we offer a variety of courses from a beginner Discover Scuba Course to technical diving.


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Aquaworld has a fleet of 34”ft dive boats complete with top notch equipment along with a bi-lingual crew to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable dive experience.  Aquaworld has been the largest and most successful dive center in Cancun for over 20 years.  We pride ourselves in our excellent service, attention to detail and 5* rating.  We lead, others follow!