Manchones Reef

Reef diving in Manchones

Manchones is one of the most frequently visited dive sites in Cancun.  It is a great place to learn to dive, take a refresher dive or for beginners who are just beginning to experience scuba.  It is even so shallow in some parts that snorkelers can enjoy this site as well.

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Grampin Reef

grampin reef diving

Grampin is a dive zone located near Punta Cancun.  It is one of the most beautiful local reef areas with the greatest amount of sea life.  Large schools of Grunts and Snappers frequent this reef and thanks to the number of sponges, it is a brightly colored reef area.

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Punta Negra Reef

punta negra reef

Punta Negra reef is a slab of limestone that stretches in an almost a straight line, within this slab there are small caves where turtles can be found.  The limestone forms a pointed shape hence the name ‘Punta Cancun’. This tip is home to schools of Snappers and Grunts.

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Underwater Museum of Art

diving in musa cancun

The Underwater Museum of Art is located just off the coast of Isla Mujeres and now consists of 457 statues in this section.  There is also another part of MUSA at Punta Nizuc, which you can see by snorkeling or on our SubSee. As the sculptures made themselves at home on the ocean floor, so did an abundance of sea creatures, fish and coral reef.

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C-58 Minesweeper Wreck

Wreck Diving in Cancun, Mexico

The C-58 General Anaya was donated to the Mexican Navy and sunk in the Punta Cancun area in 2000 in order to create an artificial reef and in turn a tourist attraction. The boat is now divided in two parts due to Hurricane Wilma, which hit the area in 2005. The ship has now become a haven for large schools of snappers, grunts and jacks among others.

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