Aquaworld Marina is located in the heart of the Cancun hotel zone making it easily accessible for anyone staying in downtown Cancun, a resort hotel or in the Riviera Maya.

At Aquaworld Marina on Boulevard Kukulcan KM 15.3, our dive team not only have the perfect facilities to provide top quality dive training, they are also bi-lingual with years of experience under their belts. We are proud to maintain long-standing members of our dive crew because they love their work, they believe in the company they work for and we ensure they have the tools to do the job well.

Dive Pool

Our pool is specially designed for teaching scuba. When learning to dive it is helpful to get a feel of breathing under water in surroundings that are similar to the ocean so depth is important.

Half of our dive pool has a depth of 1.5m so it’s perfect for preliminary dive training. The second half of the pool has a depth of 3m, which creates the atmosphere of pressured air and enables the diver to learn how to equalize under real conditions.

Dive Boats

Aquaworld is proud to own some of the most superior dive boats in Cancun.  Beeing in business for over 30 years means we have learnt what our clients want and we have been able to build a dive shop of great quality boats and gear.
We have three boats in Cancun measuring 42ft each with a capacity of 24 divers. Within each departure, you dive in small groups of 6 divers per divemaster.  There is still plenty of space left on the boat to sit comfortably and enjoy the fast ride to your dive site.  Each boat has two motors of 375HP so your journey time to the dive site is on average 30-40 minutes and we offer cookies, fruit, water and soda.


The theory portion of any dive course is very important, it provides the base knowledge required to complete the practical sessions.

We have two air-conditioned classrooms where you can sit in comfort and concentrate on learning the crucial skills of scuba diving.

Compressors & Gear

There is nothing worse than learning to dive with poorly maintained gear, this is why we provide equipment through of the range suppliers and ensure it is taken care of and maintained regularly.

We have two Mako compressors and we carry out air tests every 6 months.  The air quality is assessed and credited by TRI Air Testing Inc. in the United States.

Ocean Receptor

Aquaworld offers the full-face mask option for a small rental charge of $15usd.  You will be able to hear your instructor’s reassuring voice during the dive, which is great for new or nervous divers, and at the same time, you will learn a lot more about the dive site you are visiting and the marine life in the area.  If you are looking for a dive center that has up to date dive technology, look no further!

scuba diving equipment in aquaworld

Say hi to the crew!

We have instructors and dive masters working for Aquaworld and here we present to you our in-house instructors and their dive credentials.

aquaworld scuba diving staff