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Paradise Adventure

paradise adventure cancun
paradise adventure cancunParadise AdventureParadise AdventureParadise AdventureParadise Snorkelparadise adventure with musa nizuc

Paradise Adventure

4.50 out of 5
8 reviews
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Adults   x  $ 70.00

Children   x  $ 35.00
From 4 to 11 years old

Not available for children


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$ 70.00 USD


Product Description

Paradise Adventure: Snorkel in MUSA Nizuc and SubSee Explorer Cancun tour package

Tour departing from Aquaworld Cancun

Snorkel in Cancun and witness the amazing coral reef sites and some statues of the famous Underwater Museum of Cancun. In this area, weather permitting, you can see 16 statues that form part of MUSA Cancun. These include ‘The Garden of Hope’, ‘Timebomb’, ‘The last Supper’ as well as the newest additions to MUSA created by local artist Elier Amado Gil.

Combine this with a trip in our SubSee Explorer for a complete Cancun excursion.

Our Reef Express boat departs from Aquaworld and our crew will entertain you throughout the short journey to Punta Nizuc reef. Sit back and relax with a beer or soda during the 30 minute ride and enjoy the scenery of the Nichupte Lagoon.

Discover the sculptures of MUSA

Upon arrival to Punta Nizuc you will board the Sub See Explorer. Make yourself comfortable next to the window of the sub so you have a panoramic view of the underwater world as we take you on a narrated tour.

As we approach the reef area you will see 7 statues that belong to the Cancun Underwater Museum including the 5 presenters of America’s ‘The Today Show’.

It’s very common to see a turtle on the Cancun reef so watch out!

The Sub will leave you on our paradise platform and here you gear up and enjoy your snorkeling tour in Cancun

Stay as long as you like and snorkel from the platform with our guides. They will ensure you see all the marine life in the area and point out the many species of fish that occupy this beautiful site. Beers and refreshments are available on the platform all day.

Reviews (14)

8 reviews for Paradise Adventure

  1. 3 out of 5


    Can I know please the time for each activity you have , even the tours as most of them don’t show when they start and when they finish

    • :

      Hi Zein, I have sent you a list of the activities we have. The start time is located on the right hand side where you can schedule the time you wish. This tour doesn’t have a fixed duration as you could snorkel as long as you like. My e-mail will include more information for you. Kind regards

  2. 5 out of 5


    Hi, can you please let me know what activities you have. I am coming to cancun 10/25/16 and I want to get my plans in order.

    • :

      Hi Keisha,
      Thank you for contacting us; I’ve sent the information you need to orginize your vacations; we hope to enjoy your visit.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Can I please get the list of activities and start and end time of each

    • :

      Hello Will, thank you for contacting us! I just sent you the detailed information to your e-mail, Kind Regards 🙂

  4. 5 out of 5


    Can I wear a snorkel vest (aka. not your life vests) instead?

  5. 5 out of 5


    can I get the list of the activities and the start time. also the location.

  6. 5 out of 5


    My son is 4 and knows how to use a face snorkel. Would he be allowed to participate with his own mask?

    • :

      Hi Kelli,
      Thank you for contacting us; I’ve sent you the information you are looking for, I’m looking forward to heraing from you.
      Kind regards

  7. 4 out of 5


    My fiance and I are coming to Cancun and we are really interested in light snorkeling, we say light because we have never done it before and to be honest even though it looks great but we are a little scared to do it. Although we both know how to swim we have never swum with live sea animals. Could you tell us what we can do and what to expect, we are only there in Cancun for 4 days and want to make the most of our stay. Can you suggest us any activities we can do? I might be a little bit braver than my fiance, is it ok for one of us to snorkel? will there be other ppl in the group? Thank you 😀

    • :

      Hello Doka,
      We have sent you an e-mail to provide all the info you requested.

  8. 4 out of 5


    I want to book this tour in 10/4/2018, and I want to book the 2:00 pm tour. So, I want to know when this tour ends? How long will it take approximately? I see some answer in the review. However, if I want to go back, while other people in the boat they are happy with snorkel and they want to snorkel four or five hours, can I get back ahead of time?

    can you please send me an email?

    • :

      Yes you can! We’ll send you more details shortly.
      Hope to see you soon, kind regards 🙂

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SubSee ride
Snorkel guide and equipment
Life vest (mandatory)
Snorkel tube – yours to keep
From Aquaworld Cancun beers and sodas are included on the boat ride from Aquaworld to Punta Nizuc as well as onboard the floating platform

Does not Include

$12 usd marine park/ dock fee – A portion of your fee is destined to conservation of MUSA


Not permitted during pregnancy
Participants must know how to swim

Minimum Age

Minimum age to snorkel: 5 years
Children under 4 do not pay

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*Discount is not redeemable in-store or hotel stands.