wreck diving in cancun a spooky halloween adventure

Wreck Diving In Cancun A Spooky Halloween Adventure

As the sun sets and the Halloween moon rises from the ocean’s horizon, wreck diving in cancun becomes the spooky adventure you’re looking for.

Submerge yourself into the eerie as you gear up and jump in just on top of the General Anaya, one of the best places to practice wreck diving in Cancun. This ship is just 100 feet down in the Caribbean waters! Get ready for some wreck diving in Cancun.

wreck diving in cancunThe old World War II Mine Sweeper was called USS Harlequin and it was intentionally sunk by the Mexican Navy because an artificial reef was needed. This unique experience is just 40 minutes away off the Cancun coast.

USS Harlequin was split in half by hurricane Wilma, which leaves an eerie landscape to explore! Most of the mine sweeper’s rooms are accessible to divers.

Shipwreck diving is a thrilling experience for divers, there’s no doubting that! You’ll be able to witness new things and breath-taking scenarios.

wreck diving cancun

Our guides at Aquaworld will tell you all about the history of these wrecks and their experiences with it. They also know a lot about what the USS Harlequin was used for and related incidences so you can learn about this ship.

The ship isn’t as big as the Titanic, but you will be amazed once you see it as you dip in the waters and face down. An astonishing wreck diving in Cancun experience you must see for yourself!

Wreck diving in Cancun is considered an advanced diving tour mainly because of the depth it is located at. Have no doubt, Cancun’s ocean is home to many wonders and it is perfect for scuba divers who seek a new thrill.

The bonus of wreck diving in Cancun

If you are diving in the USS Harlequin during the correct time of the year (beginning of winter is the best) you’ll be able to spot a lot of wild life! Eagle rays migrate during this season and the numbers are outstanding, you’ll witness a phenomena like no other. This beautiful display of nature can also be visible by snorkeling in Cancun, all it takes is the right time and place.

wreck dive in cancun

There’s also plenty of flora and fauna here, and the ship sets off the perfect Halloween vibe with the rusted metal rooms twisted and bent into new shapes thanks to the coral reefs and other flora and fauna that made the USS Harlequin their home.

Wreck Diving in Puerto Morelos

Exploring haunting attractions like the USS Harlequin or the Navy Mine Sweeper in Puerto Morelos leaves a strange sensation of peace. Once you’re out of the water, you’ll be very curious to know more about these gloomy ships.

Puerto Morelos is for the thrill-seekers and explorers. However in Puerto Morelos, wreck diving is only permitted for people over 15 years old and the diver must be certified! Still, the diving will be supervised by our wonderful instructors.

This wreck diving departs from Excellence Riviera Maya Hotel Beach and it takes you to the depths so you can admire a creepy 150 foot naval ship just dying to be explored by wreck diving in Cancun.

The quiet and beauty that lays on the ocean floor with this wreck is exclusive. It also adds up to an incredible diving adventure due to its proximity to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System which also happens to be the second largest coral reef in the world.

wreck dive cancun

This experience is truly halloween worthy! But there’s more! If you wish to make your halloween diving experience better, we’ve got night diving and cavern diving.

Fall into the surreal worlds of total darkness as your only guide is the beam of light that opens the path in your dives. Both night diving in cancun and cavern diving in cancun are tours that will send chills down your spine as you explore!

Cavern diving Cancun and Riviera Maya

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